Frequently Asked Questions

We have taken great care when designing our home parcel box, to ensure that durability and quality is second to none. The home parcel box is supplied with multipoint locks and an anti-fishing flap for ease of use by delivery persons and peace of mind for yourself.
The home parcel box can take several packages dependent on size and/or receive bulk mail drops. The maximum size parcel it can take is 34x22x25cm, remember to clear your Home Parcel Box of deliveries on a regular basis to ensure optimum use.
The home parcel box comes with simple fitting instructions and bolts, giving you clear and concise instructions on how to install the box and bolts to either fix to a wall or floor. Basic DIY skills and a masonry drill should see you accomplish this with ease.
The home parcel box is supplied with its own unique barcode, which fits inside the door. Delivery drivers can scan the barcode or record the number to obtain a digital signature as proof of delivery. We recommend that you direct couriers to the Home Parcel Box in your parcel delivery details so this process can happen as smoothly as possible.
Most courier services are well acquainted with these personal home delivery products however to ensure a smooth delivery make sure to amend your delivery instructions to specify where to leave your package. When you purchase your products from the internet, most companies like Amazon, eBay or other online retailers in general have a special instructions section on the payment screen, to which you will enter:

“Please place parcel in parcel drop box and take a scan/number to confirm delivery.”

Also give instructions on where to find the parcel box as not to confuse the delivery driver. This can be done by changing your home address to include the location of your parcel box:

Mrs H P Box
10 Parcel Street

All popular couriers in the UK use hand held scanners which are suitable to make deliveries to the Home Parcel Box. These couriers are regularly used by popular websites like Amazon, Ebay, John Lewis, ASOS, Argos and other online and high street retailers.
Once secured to the property many insurance companies would class the Home Parcel Box as an outbuilding. This means that the Home Parcel Box would normally be covered by your home insurance. However we do ask you to check with your insurance company as this is subject to the terms and conditions of individual insurers.
Yes you can add mail to the parcel box the same way a parcel would enter this giving it a multi-use and keeping your mail just as secure as your parcels.

If we have not been able to answer your query so far please contact us with your question at and we aim to back to you as soon as possible.