The Home Parcel Box is a smart, simple and stylish way to maintain the convenience of your online shopping experience. The installation of a secure home delivery box ensures that your package arrives safely and directly to your door whilst giving you the freedom to live your life with no more stress of missed or damaged deliveries.

After conducting research into the buying habits of UK customers along with delivery trends and the success rates we became aware of the of the increasing need for a secure home parcel delivery system that works for everyone. Estimates show us that 80% of packages in the UK are too large to fit through letterboxes leading to 14% of packages failing to be delivered first time and with more and more people shopping online this number is set to grow in the UK along with the increasing number of missed deliveries, exposed deliveries and delivery theft, the Home Parcel Box combats these issues in the most secure and effective way possible.


How Home Parcel Box works

The Home Parcel Box is made from powder coated galvanised steel and is bolted securely to a wall or floor. Manufactured to sustain the varying UK weather conditions, it also features an anti-theft flap to prevent fishing and a secure cylinder lock to keep your parcels protected. After the simple installation of your parcel deposit box you will be able to shop online freely with peace of mind.

When you do have a delivery the courier will post the parcel through the front opening aperture where the parcel then gently slides through to the lower level of your secure parcel delivery box. The driver will then scan the barcode or take note of the unique identification number on the inside of the box as proof of delivery leaving you the freedom to go about your day. On your arrival home simply open the front of the box with your key to retrieve your parcels. A simple and efective secure parcel delivery box solution that works.




Home parcel box offers you the most affordable, robust and easy to use parcel deposit box on the UK market without compromise. It has been designed with subtle colours to compliment your home, it’s modern stylish design has been engineered to be both functional and effective making the delivery and retrieval of parcels straightforward and fuss free.

Architecturally designed to be installed outdoors, the Home Parcel Box is made from durable galvanized steel which is rust resistant, weatherproof and can be easily fixed to a wall, secure fence or bolted to the floor. The Unique barcode esignature, anti fishing system and 3 point lock ensure the safest way to receive multiple deliveries daily.

We aim to dispatch your Home Parcel Box in the UK within 3-4 working days of your order. You will receive confirmation of your expected delivery date via email.


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